Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"The Laptop for Klutzes"

Today, we came across a Tom's Guide review of the Samsung netbook (model N130) with Phoenix FailSafe™.

The reviewer Rachel Rosmarin wrote that the Samsung N130 is durable, solid and rugged. She went on to say: "The corners are nicely rounded and grippable, and the lid is anything but flimsy. The fact that the lid is matte, not shiny, make it one of the first netbooks we’ve tested to avoid the fingerprint-magnet trap...When we factored each of these features into the price (it is easy to find for under $300), and then tested the Phoenix Failsafe laptop tracking software trial that comes loaded on the machine, we came to one conclusion: This netbook is the perfect gift for a klutz (or a ditz). And klutzes deserve gifts, too."

Writing specifically about FailSafe, Rosmarin states, "Finally, if the N130 does get lost, left behind, or stolen, the $39.95 investment in a year’s subscription to the Failsafe service means it has a good shot at being tracked down (even if a thief wipes the system and installs a new hard drive). After initial set-up of FailSafe, a Web interface gives you the skinny on the computer’s last known locations, IP address, ISP and wireless network. You can disable the machine from afar, or start siphoning importing documents off of it. You can even send a message on the screen to the thief or good Samaritan who starts to use it. When paired with the Samsung N130 and a lovable klutz, FailSafe becomes a practical insurance policy that turns a $300 machine into an investment rather than a disposable tool."

Learn more about Samsung netbooks here.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Big Boo Boo

A Children's Hospital of Philadelphia laptop containing personal info for 943 people was stolen from an employee's car this past October. This is yet another case where an employee’s laptop is stolen from a car and – guess what? – it didn't have proper security on it. So not only is the missing computer un-trackable, its contents with personal data is now available for exploitation by criminals.

Nearly a thousand people are now vulnerable to identity theft, though the hospital has said it is providing credit monitoring service for all the individuals whose information was compromised.

If you’re aware of security products like Phoenix Technologies FailSafe®, you can't help wondering why every employer and every individual is not rushing to protect themselves, their PCs, and their priceless data with this type of innovative security software/service.

We consumers need to start demanding that companies and organizations with files that contain our personal data to be handle with extreme care. Think about how much pain the loss of your personal data could cause you if it led to your identity being stolen. The time and money lost could be enormous.

Obviously, it’s time to address this issue. Whenever you give out personal information that could lead to loss of your identity, be sure to ask how the data’s going to be protected and if it’s going to be stored on mobile computing devices.

Check out these tips for good ways to protect your personal laptops from loss or theft.

Monday, October 12, 2009's Review of FailSafe™

Review of Phoenix FailSafe: Track Down Lost Laptops and Data reviewer Josh Smith wrote:

The FailSafe service provides several useful features to safeguard your laptop and the information you keep on it. Even with the limitations on file recovery; FailSafe provides users with useful features and assistance in tracking down a lost or missing laptop.

FailSafe is limited by the fact that you can only purchase it with a new computer and when purchased from Dell, you must purchase it as part of Dell CompleteCare package. But, if you’re already looking for accidental coverage then FailSafe is a strong laptop location and protection service.

Read the entire review here:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review of Phoenix FailSafe™

Sal Cangeloso posted a review of Phoenix FailSafe laptop anti-theft protection software today on Below is some of what he had to say:

"The basic structure of FailSafe is pretty simple. It’s a software tool that you install on your computer that, when connected to the internet, gives you control of the system through a website. A web-based dashboard offers you a surprising amount of information while giving you access to files as well as the ability to exert some control over the computer’s data. It is only of use if your computer is missing/stolen so it is not a deterrent (in fact it would be best if the thief does not know you have it installed). For this article the consumer version of the software was used on a Dell 14z laptop."

Read the entire review here:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Laptop Theft in Educational Settings

Even the "Safe Room" is not safe from laptop thefts at Wayne State University. Read all about it at here:

Monday, September 28, 2009

FailSafe™ for Small Businesses

The Phoenix FailSafe Business Edition is designed for securing and managing multiple computers as well as preventing data loss. It features business-specific capabilities such as policy management and asset management.

Phoenix FailSafe customers will be able to take advantage of Intel®­ Anti-Theft Technology (Intel AT), which is designed into system hardware. Through FailSafe, an authorized information technology (IT) administrator or enterprise security officer can remotely define hardware-based policies that remotely or locally command the notebook to lock itself down and prevent any OS from booting.

If you run a small business, you can always know where your monitored computer is by using FailSafe. The location of each laptop is maintained using a variety of tracking methods. The tracking information is automatically overlaid onto a detailed map that is easily accessible from any Web browser.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Would You Do If Your Notebook Was Lost or Stolen?

A) Swear B) Fume C) Kick the dog D) Wish you had FailSafe

FailSafe™ is a service that’s like an insurance policy for a laptop computer. It gives subscribers the ability to remotely control their laptops and secure data using a web-based control center as well as track and recover missing or stolen laptops.

With FailSafe, consumers and business people can relax knowing that any lost or stolen mobile computing devices containing confidential and financial information can easily be tracked and disabled while the data can be remotely retrieved, and even erased, if need be.

FailSafe is the unique asset tracking, computer recovery, and data protection service from Phoenix Technologies - the global market leader in system firmware that provides the most secure foundation for today’s computing environments. With FailSafe, consumers and business people can sleep soundly again.

For Consumers
When your notebook computer is lost or stolen, it’s a triple-whammy. 1) It’s a major headache; 2) it’s costly to replace the notebook; and 3) it invites the misuse of the sensitive data files you have stored on it. Computer theft opens the door to the potentially bigger problems of data loss and identity theft.

Unfortunately, it’s a growing reality for hundreds of thousands of consumers, as between 600,000 and 1.5 million notebooks are stolen or lost each year in the U.S. alone. Clearly, it’s foolish to ignore this increasing threat and not have computer security software, thinking it won’t happen to you. It’s smart to have an “insurance policy” like FailSafe - the unique tracking, recovery, and data protection service from Phoenix Technologies that will give you peace of mind.

For Businesses
A lost or stolen laptop computer can be costly in many ways for your company. In addition to having to replace an expensive piece of mobile computing equipment, computer theft opens the door to data loss, litigation, embarrassment, and, almost certainly, a direct hit to your business’s bottom line.

In short, for businesses big and small, a lost or stolen company laptop can be a real nightmare. Unfortunately, it’s a growing reality for hundreds of thousands of businesses as well as consumers every year.

Clearly, there needs to be an “insurance policy” like FailSafe for companies with laptops. FailSafe is asset management software that can track assets to address the “what if?” scenario of a missing laptop that could be a major business disruption. In addition to asset tracking, FailSafe has data encryption and recovery capabilities.

FailSafe is available on Dell Studio 14z laptops.