Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RE: The Most Embarrassing Data Losses of All Time

When you read this month's Unique Scoop article titled "The Most Embarrassing Data Losses of All Time" and if you’re aware of security products' like Phoenix Technologies' FailSafe(tm), you can't help wondering why every employer and every individual is not in a hurry to protect themselves and their PCs with this type of innovative software.

People really should be demanding that companies and organizations with files that contain their personal data should be very secure. Just think about how much pain the loss of your personal data could cause you if it led to your identity being stolen.

All national governments should mandate that any organization or individual that has their citizens’ personal data stored on a mobile computing device, must have special mobile security software/service like FailSafe.

Special mobile device security should have to feature the ability to track the missing device and to be able to remotely disable it so that the files and confidential data cannot be accessed.

The Unique Scoop piece states the problem in a nutshell:

It seems totally bizarre to us that some of the most sensitive data on earth quite often is carried around on standard laptops that could be easily lost or stolen. Make no mistake this happens more than most of us realize. Don’t be under the naive illusion that sensitive data about each and every one of us is safely under lock and key at all times - or, at least, behind firewalls and passwords. It just isn’t.

Obviously, it’s time to address this issue. Whenever you give out personal information that could lead to identity theft, be sure to ask how it’s going to be protected and if it’s going to be stored on mobile computing devices. Check out for background on the type of security laptops should have.

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