Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Would You Do If Your Notebook Was Lost or Stolen?

A) Swear B) Fume C) Kick the dog D) Wish you had FailSafe

FailSafe™ is a service that’s like an insurance policy for a laptop computer. It gives subscribers the ability to remotely control their laptops and secure data using a web-based control center as well as track and recover missing or stolen laptops.

With FailSafe, consumers and business people can relax knowing that any lost or stolen mobile computing devices containing confidential and financial information can easily be tracked and disabled while the data can be remotely retrieved, and even erased, if need be.

FailSafe is the unique asset tracking, computer recovery, and data protection service from Phoenix Technologies - the global market leader in system firmware that provides the most secure foundation for today’s computing environments. With FailSafe, consumers and business people can sleep soundly again.

For Consumers
When your notebook computer is lost or stolen, it’s a triple-whammy. 1) It’s a major headache; 2) it’s costly to replace the notebook; and 3) it invites the misuse of the sensitive data files you have stored on it. Computer theft opens the door to the potentially bigger problems of data loss and identity theft.

Unfortunately, it’s a growing reality for hundreds of thousands of consumers, as between 600,000 and 1.5 million notebooks are stolen or lost each year in the U.S. alone. Clearly, it’s foolish to ignore this increasing threat and not have computer security software, thinking it won’t happen to you. It’s smart to have an “insurance policy” like FailSafe - the unique tracking, recovery, and data protection service from Phoenix Technologies that will give you peace of mind.

For Businesses
A lost or stolen laptop computer can be costly in many ways for your company. In addition to having to replace an expensive piece of mobile computing equipment, computer theft opens the door to data loss, litigation, embarrassment, and, almost certainly, a direct hit to your business’s bottom line.

In short, for businesses big and small, a lost or stolen company laptop can be a real nightmare. Unfortunately, it’s a growing reality for hundreds of thousands of businesses as well as consumers every year.

Clearly, there needs to be an “insurance policy” like FailSafe for companies with laptops. FailSafe is asset management software that can track assets to address the “what if?” scenario of a missing laptop that could be a major business disruption. In addition to asset tracking, FailSafe has data encryption and recovery capabilities.

FailSafe is available on Dell Studio 14z laptops.


  1. There are several such software floating around, and in my evaluation they all have failed. Can you guarantee that FailSafe cannot be defeated? Is it IP tracking based or Email based or is it something like Absolute's BIOS based that was cracked within fifteen minutes?

  2. FailSafe is unique, standing above its competitors. Not only because its embedded within BIOS, but also because it has strong self-recovery modules. FailSafe is a tamper-resistance application. It’s not easy to break it. However, even if someone is able to break it, it has a self-recovery process where its smart enough to figure out that the program has been tampered with. It will start to recover its missing modules. It's true for both the Windows side of components and the BIOS side of components. This is where we stand out when compared to our competitors.