Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Big Boo Boo

A Children's Hospital of Philadelphia laptop containing personal info for 943 people was stolen from an employee's car this past October. This is yet another case where an employee’s laptop is stolen from a car and – guess what? – it didn't have proper security on it. So not only is the missing computer un-trackable, its contents with personal data is now available for exploitation by criminals.

Nearly a thousand people are now vulnerable to identity theft, though the hospital has said it is providing credit monitoring service for all the individuals whose information was compromised.

If you’re aware of security products like Phoenix Technologies FailSafe®, you can't help wondering why every employer and every individual is not rushing to protect themselves, their PCs, and their priceless data with this type of innovative security software/service.

We consumers need to start demanding that companies and organizations with files that contain our personal data to be handle with extreme care. Think about how much pain the loss of your personal data could cause you if it led to your identity being stolen. The time and money lost could be enormous.

Obviously, it’s time to address this issue. Whenever you give out personal information that could lead to loss of your identity, be sure to ask how the data’s going to be protected and if it’s going to be stored on mobile computing devices.

Check out these tips for good ways to protect your personal laptops from loss or theft.

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