Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"The Laptop for Klutzes"

Today, we came across a Tom's Guide review of the Samsung netbook (model N130) with Phoenix FailSafe™.

The reviewer Rachel Rosmarin wrote that the Samsung N130 is durable, solid and rugged. She went on to say: "The corners are nicely rounded and grippable, and the lid is anything but flimsy. The fact that the lid is matte, not shiny, make it one of the first netbooks we’ve tested to avoid the fingerprint-magnet trap...When we factored each of these features into the price (it is easy to find for under $300), and then tested the Phoenix Failsafe laptop tracking software trial that comes loaded on the machine, we came to one conclusion: This netbook is the perfect gift for a klutz (or a ditz). And klutzes deserve gifts, too."

Writing specifically about FailSafe, Rosmarin states, "Finally, if the N130 does get lost, left behind, or stolen, the $39.95 investment in a year’s subscription to the Failsafe service means it has a good shot at being tracked down (even if a thief wipes the system and installs a new hard drive). After initial set-up of FailSafe, a Web interface gives you the skinny on the computer’s last known locations, IP address, ISP and wireless network. You can disable the machine from afar, or start siphoning importing documents off of it. You can even send a message on the screen to the thief or good Samaritan who starts to use it. When paired with the Samsung N130 and a lovable klutz, FailSafe becomes a practical insurance policy that turns a $300 machine into an investment rather than a disposable tool."

Learn more about Samsung netbooks here.

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